About Shipping

We ship our kittens using reputable Animal Movers whom we know and have used the service before because it is the fastest & safest way to transport our kittens from our place to yours especially if you live far away or in another state. Our kittens are will travel in an airline-approved plastic pet kennel that we customize depending on the weight of the kitten, size , the distance or duration of the journey. They ride in a special climate-controlled & pressurized compartment on the plane which is no different from the cabin. Your kitten will travel with our good experience puppy nannies. Don’t worry he or she won’t be traveling alone.

Our shipping crates are clearly marked with colorful “LIVE ANIMALS” and “UP” stickers. We mark the crates clearly with the destination airport, the confirmation number, the phone & address of the customer. When we know that a kitten is going to be shipped, we play with them in the crate prior to shipping so they are used to it. They have never shown fear of the crate. We put lots of food & plenty of water in the shipping crate. The water provides all the moisture the kitten needs during delivery. One reason we do this is in case, in the unlikely event the kitten should get stuck at an airport overnight (because of connecting flight trouble), we don’t have to worry if they have enough to eat or drink. This is very rare ! No doubt !.
Although traveling is not that hard on them, we do not like to make them spend any more time than absolutely necessary delivery time according to the delivery schedule. For this reason, we also look for the shortest route & always schedule direct home deliveries if possible. Our delivery partners are fast and reliable as we both work as a team to ensure successful arrival of all our kittens to their new homes .

Ahead of time, you will have a travel confirmation #, expected arrival day and time, and a reference # that identifies your kitten. We make all the necessary arrangements for you, and you pick your kitten up at the airport (or home delivery if preferred by us ), just as simple as it is , to present

  • Ownership document from our delivery partners
  • Purchase contact for your kitten issued by us.
  • Kitten identification details as described on your purchase contract.
  • Identify your self as the potential Buyer/New owner of the pet before your kitten can be handed to you .

Shipping is totally safe & stress-free on the kittens. You will receive your kitten within 48-72 hours depending on the delivery plan and schedule and your location.
We have successfully shipped and delivered our kittens for more than 5 years now. In our experience and opinion, my Kittens are very comfortable and the new owners tell me that their new Kittens has arrived happy and stress-free.

We check weather conditions at the receiving end and only ship when we consider it safe to do so. We put our Kittens health above all other considerations and do not proceed with delivery when we feel it could be unsafe to the Kittens well-being and comfort. We usually deliver Monday – Saturday. We guarantee a safe & healthy arrival of your Kitten(s). Your Kitten(s) may take few days to adjust once they get to their new homes, sometimes it takes them a day or two to settle in, but by far, the vast majority of people tell us they just step right out of the shipping crate & act right at home most especially when they have kids around. Kids are Kittens best friends, we are glad you are a Paw fan.