Breed: British Shorthair
Age : 12 weeks old
status: Available
Name :Jonny Gender Male Price 850
Gender : 2Males /3Females
Price : $850/Kitten for males $850 /Kitten for Females
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered   
Delivery available  to all states

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About Beryl Jonny  and her siblings ( Jonny-Male /Coco -female./ Larry- Female / Goofy- Male/ Mimmie -Female  ) are the sweetest most affectionate little kittens around! You may not be able to differentiate these cuties as they all look alike .They are all from the same litter. They are 3 months old now and in that perfect fun kitten stage that everybody loves! They have been lovingly hand-raised and are very well adjusted kittens – they get along great with everyone, including kids, toddlers, dogs and cats! Sweet sweet Larry, where do we even begin. Larry is by far the smallest kitten in the litter, half the size of her brothers. She was always the runt and needed some extra TLC and bottle feeding to get her to where she is. She is the absolute sweetest most affectionate little kitten we have met. All she wants to do is curl up under your chin and nuzzle up against you. She has the personality of a ragdoll – she just melts when you pick her up and will let you put her in any position. Her foster mom affectionately nicknamed her ‘Puddin’. She even lets the little kids carry her around and dress her up and play with her like a little doll. She will happily sit on your lap for as long as you let her. She is adorable when she plays, but she’s generally more interested in getting all your attention. She has the biggest Precious-Moments eyes and you just can’t say no to her! We have completely fallen in love with this little girl and we know you will too. They tested negative for FeLv/FIV/HW, are up to date on all vaccinations and litter box trained.

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